About MuffWash Starter Bundle The MuffWash Starter Bundle includes 3 of our most popular Car Care products, including the MuffShampoo, MuffDetailer and the MuffCleaner. The Starter bundle also includes a FREE MuffBag, and obviously FREE delivery! Get started with the MuffWash Starter Bundle! MuffShampoo – HyperQuartz Car Shampoo – 500ml Our HyperQuartz Shampoo, adding a layer of protection as you wash with more suds than you can shake your mitt at! Enhance the performance of your ceramic coating, or add repellency to your un-coated vehicle giving you more gloss, protection and beading characteristics using HyperQuartz technology. This powerful solution has just the right level of lubrication and safe cleaning power to give your paintwork a finish to be proud of. MuffDetailer – HyperQuartz Quick Car Detailer – 500ml MuffDetailer is a gloss enhancing detailing spray which adds a synthetic layer of protection using our HyperQuartz technology. MuffCleaner – All Purpose Car Cleaner – 500ml MuffCleaner is our concentrated all-purpose cleaner and degreaser. Suitable for all surfaces inside and out. Our most versatile product is perfectly suitable for your wheel arches, engine bay, door shuts, rubbers, interior plastics, fabrics and even leather.