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MuffShampoo – Our Ceramic Infused Car Shampoo, designed to clean your car while leaving a layer of protection. The si02 infusion creates a hydrophobic layer on the vehicle and has been designed to the optimum (ph8) balance to be kind and prolong the lift of existing wax or ceramic coatings. It is also highly concentrated so only a tiny amount is needed. We recommend a 1:200 ratio. A cap full is enough. Cherry Fragrance.

  • UK Made using reagent grade chemicals, higher than lab grade
  • Formulated by us for high end detail use, to a far higher quality than the usual ‘off-the shelf’ car care products
  • We are foremost a detailing company working directly with manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari and BMW
  • We’ve listened to our customers to create the ultimate, high quality car maintenance products, designed for ease of use, and results.

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