About Concentrated Snow Foam
Unlike most snow foam products on the market, we have not focused this product on the thickness of the foam but instead the cleaning abilities. Foaming agents allow the product to ‘cling’ to the vehicle in order to allow the cleaning.

How to use it
1. We recommend a 1:5 dilution ratio with water. This product can be used in a snow foam lance, or in a pump sprayer. For example in a 1Ltr snow foam bottle, add 200ml of formulation with 800ml of water. Shake the bottle to mix thoroughly.
2. Connect the snow foam lance to your pressure washer, and adjust spray pattern as required. Apply product away from direct sunlight.
3. Cover the whole vehicle in snow foam starting from the top and working your way down. The product can be applied to either a wet or dry car.
4. Allow snow foam to dwell and run off the
vehicle, but do not allow it to dry.
5. After approx five minutes, rinse the vehicle using your pressure washer.