About Iron Fall Out Remover
‘Fallout’ or ‘Iron Fallout’ is best described as tiny metal (iron) particles that come from various sources such as brake dust, industrial fallout from railways or factories nearby (often found at shipping ports for new vehicles). Imagine them as sharp, needle-like particles that become embedded in your car’s clear coat, often unseen by the naked eye but typically a factor in the paintwork feeling rough to touch. MuffFallout safely and effectively removes these with ease.

How to use it
This is an essential step for in depth decontamination but is only necessary every 3-6 months or before applying any form of wax or ceramic coating. MuffFallout can be used neat or diluted 1:1 with water. Using a spray bottle apply directly to the paint work. For best results agitate with a detailing brush for intricate areas or a damp microfibre on paint work. The product is designed to ‘bleed’, so as it reacts with the iron particles, the chemical will turn red in colour.