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MuffDetailer – Our Ceramic Detailer is formed with a high si02 content, and hugely enhances gloss. It can be used as a drying aid, or as a final finisher on you car’s dry paintwork. It will leave a slick, ultra hydrophibic finish, keeping your car protected and cleaner for longer, whilst aiding future maintenance. Tropical Scent.

  • UK Made using reagent grade chemicals, higher than lab grade
  • Formulated by us for high end detail use, to a far higher quality than the usual ‘off-the shelf’ car care products
  • We are foremost a detailing company working directly with manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari and BMW
  • We’ve listened to our customers to create the ultimate, high quality car maintenance products, designed for ease of use, and results.


  • This product can be used wet or dry.
  • Apply a light mist onto the microfibre cloth from around 20cm away.
  • Apply one panel at a time, wiping in straight lines.
  • Buff off any excess residue, folding the cloth as you go.
  • Using a second dry microfibre, buff of any excess.

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