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MuffWash is one of the leading paint protection specialists in the Gtechniq network of accredited detailers for the automotive industry, working with luxury dealerships including Stratstone Ferrari and Stratstone Porsche.

Born Out Of Pure Science

Gtechniq was founded by quantum physicist Drew Gill in 2001, out of total dissatisfaction with the performance of paint protection products at the time.

Everything from waxes, to new-fangled polymers and PTFE based miracle treatments, nothing on the market offered any meaningful durability, either in looks, or protection. Worse still, he found that most of the products actually performed poorer than the paints they were supposed to protect.

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What is Car Detailing and what are the benefits?

Car detailing is a meticulous and comprehensive cleaning, restoration, and finishing process performed on both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. It involves using specialized tools, equipment, and high-quality products to clean, polish, and protect the car to achieve a like-new condition. Car detailing goes beyond a typical car wash, addressing imperfections and providing deep cleaning to enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle.

1. Enhanced Appearance: Car detailing restores the vehicle’s appearance, making it look brand new. It removes dirt, stains, and scratches, and polishes the exterior to a high shine.

2. Paint Protection: Detailing includes waxing and sealing the paint, which protects it from contaminants, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions. This helps maintain the paint’s integrity and prevents fading or oxidation.

3. Interior Comfort: Interior detailing involves thorough cleaning of seats, carpets, and other surfaces. It removes odors, allergens, and stains, creating a fresh and comfortable interior environment.

4. Preservation of Value: Regular detailing preserves the vehicle’s resale value. A well-maintained, clean, and polished car is more appealing to potential buyers and commands a higher price.

5. Prevention of Damage: Detailing includes cleaning and conditioning various parts such as leather seats, dashboard, and trim. This prevents wear and tear, cracking, and fading, extending the lifespan of interior components.

6. Improved Safety: Clean headlights, mirrors, and windows enhance visibility, contributing to safer driving conditions.

7. Attention to Detail: Detailers often pay close attention to every detail, ensuring that even hard-to-reach areas are cleaned and restored. This level of thoroughness sets detailing apart from a standard car wash.

8. Time and Effort Savings: Overall, car detailing not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics but also protects it from damage, maintains its value, and contributes to a more enjoyable driving experience.

For more information or to book an appointment, call 01625 322312 or pop into one of our centers in Wilmslow, Middlewich or Wrexham.

Why choose Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings?

The Technology Behind The Science.

Gtechniq smart surface science combines the latest in fields such as nanochemistry and supramolecular chemistry, with rigorous real-world and laboratory testing. The premise for all Gtechniq products is to hit a sweet spot of performance, ease of application and price. We apply the same principle to our whole range of products

Advances in silicon technology driven by a high global demand for faster and smaller processors have thrown up a wealth of new and innovative materials, offering a range of solutions that were never possible before. Gtechniq has the experience, connections and motivation to bring to the market, class leading products, proven to improve every aspect of surface care.

Over the last 20 years, Gtechniq’s products have been continually improved to provide a range that outshines and outlasts the competition. Gtechniq has built a fresh, innovative brand, different from any other available on the market.

Base On Science And Innovation.

The Gtechniq brand aims to produce the most innovative surface care products in the world following the discovery that other so called ‘long-life’ aftermarket coatings simply did not come anywhere close to their marketing claims.

If you want the best protection for your car, boat, aeroplane or home, then look no further. Gtechniq bridges the gap between innovation and reality, engineering the world’s best surface care products.

Why choose Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra?

  • 10h paint protection
  • 9-year guarantee
  • Matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance

Crystal Serum Ultra is the best paint protection you can get, it keeps your car looking glossy and new, prolonging the life of your paintworks perfect finish.

Key to Crystal Serum Ultras performance gain is the introduction of a revolutionary new 7nm nanoparticle alongside an existing 20nm nanoparticle and increasing the ratio of crosslinkers which reinforce and thicken the top layer of the coating.

The hard 10h top and softer 7h base layer offer improved swirl resistance over regular 9h paint protection coatings. Compared to standard ceramic paint coatings, Crystal Serum Ultra can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings.

An additional benefit from having a flexible base layer and the hard top layer is that Crystal Serum Ultra is very resistant to extreme heat changes, even from -40 degrees Celsius to +250 degrees Celsius.

Crystal Serum Ultra can be applied either as a stand-alone paint protection product or for the best hydrophobic performance, it can be over coated with Gtechniq EXO or C2.

The specialist nature of this paint protection means it can only be applied by a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer.

Call your local Gtechniq accredited partner in Cheshire on 01625 322312 or visit one of our detailing centers in Wilmslow, Middlewich or Wrexham.